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the following story was written in FCE class last yr

Leonardo-what are you crying for?
Lili-you know it was my fault!
Leo-your fault?
Li-yeah…you know he died because of me…
Leo-No!you don’t have to accuse yourself.He died because he was meant to be dead!
Li-You know,I should have died instead of him.It was my fault,my fault!!
Leo-Shut up anyway…Life is wonderful sweety!
Li-it’s not without him
Leo-Oh!!you were in love with him!that’s why…
Li-you STOP!you’re such a monster.You don’t know how I feel!
Leo-OK,ok sweety Lili…whatever!But I have to know what happened betweet you two…You know…I fell in love with you,and I can’t stand seeing you crying for this ,arried stupid buzz light yr!
Li-Oh!you must be joking!WAS HE MARRIED?OMG+1,2,3 lol…
Leo-Not only was he married but he had 9 children!
Li-Oh…I feel dizzy…I’m falling,I’m falling!
Leo-Oh no!Don’t faint now!you can’t just fall!the floor is dirty!
Li-Use the Azax for cleaning this mess!dirty monster!
Leo-your room is dirty!Dirty Marimar!
Li-However, I don’t like Levanda.I only like lime!
Leo-Don’t worry I’ll make it easier for you!I’ve just invented the Azax lime and orange!
Li-do you have it with you?
Leo-Yes,here it is!NOW,fall!
Li-thank ya!-ntoup!


4 Responses to “AZAX LIME AND ORANGE(AD)”

  1. emmaki Says:

    oh god… that’s awful and funny at the same time ! :S

  2. evaki Says:

    the best story I’ve ever read!

  3. princess-pro~not yet queen;)~ Says:

    what is awful?…i think i did’t catch you…sorry:(

  4. emmaki Says:

    the hall think with the azax!

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