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Sakis Rouvas – Suspicious Minds March 7, 2009

Filed under: Music — eve @ 6:32 pm

16 Responses to “Sakis Rouvas – Suspicious Minds”

  1. djmanos85 Says:

    Upload the original song from Elvis. Don’t upload Sakis. Born to be third at Eurovision.

  2. evaki Says:

    you’re just jealous!!!!!!!!

  3. djmanos85 Says:

    Noooo, but you can’t compare King Elvis with sakis… And don’t cry over spilt milk at the Eurovision contest for the results 😉

  4. evaki Says:

    sakis is much more handsome than elvis and he’s going to be the winner of eurovision!!

  5. emmaki Says:

    keep dreaming eva!
    he can’t win the eurovision contest with that song !
    (this is our night)
    so… let’s think a little bit realistically! 😛

  6. evaki Says:

    could you stop judging sakis please ? you don’t have anything else to talk about?

  7. emmaki Says:

    0oki doki! however, i didn’t judge sakis but the song!
    I think that sakis is a well-known singer but we could send him to the contest with a much better song !!:D

  8. princess-pro~not yet queen;)~ Says:

    well…what’s wrong with Sakis’ song…it’s definitely much better than kalomira’s one so chill!…We’re gonna win coz although Sakis is not the best singer…he is a popstar and eurovision wants this type of singers…haven’t you realised it yet???

  9. princess-pro~not yet queen;)~ Says:

    Oh…nice video (however the film is awwwwwwful…..sorry…:s)

  10. evaki Says:

    SAKIS 4 EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. princess-pro~not yet queen;)~ Says:

    so I suppose… Eva,you agree with me saying who eurovion contest’s winner gonna be…

  12. evaki Says:

    sakis of course nassia!

  13. emmaki Says:

    ok i give up!
    everyone has their own opinion!

  14. djmanos85 Says:

    OMG, 14 comments? It’s my fault for making the first comment on this video….

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