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e-book review! March 8, 2009

Filed under: Uncategorized — emmaki @ 4:04 pm

that’s how we should read!
it’s much more comfortable for all of us!!


5 Responses to “e-book review!”

  1. evaki Says:

    in this way you can’t fell the magic of a book

  2. emmaki Says:

    yeah right but think how practical it would be for the school!
    if you didn’t have to carry all these heavy books !=/

  3. I’m wondering… How will an e-book make a reader feel?

  4. evaki Says:

    awful! hihi …. I’m just joking emma

  5. emmaki Says:

    i don’t say that we should read literature or poetry or anything else that we do for pleasure from an e-book!
    However, it wouldn’t be very practical if we could scan our schoolbooks in a memory stick and carry that tiny thing instead of all that books !?

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