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Mavroudis Notis – Cafe de l’art I March 12, 2009

Filed under: Music — djmanos85 @ 12:28 pm

Notis Mayroudhs first Compilation of remakes of greats songs with his acoustic guitar knowledge. The album is perfect for relaxing or reading.
01. La vita e bella
02. Struggle for pleasure
03. Shape of my heart
04. La valse d’ Amelie
05. Canteen rock
06. Love song for a vampire – Noa Dori
07. Titanic theme
08. The chase
09. If I were a rich man
10. Romanza
11. The sound of silence – Noa Dori
12. Boy on a dolphin
13. Tango
14. Godfather theme
15. Cavatina

Link at comments


2 Responses to “Mavroudis Notis – Cafe de l’art I”

  1. Indeed, very relaxing music. Thank you for suggesting it!

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