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~ love (?) May 28, 2009

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Often you need to feel that you’re loved, don’t you? And if you know that, you ask for confirmation… You want to hear it, to feel it, to live every single moment of it… From your family, your friends, and others who you love in an indescribable way…

You want to give and receive love… but there appears your egoism and it won’t let you express your feelings or even more you believe that they are wrong and feel embarrassed… But why ?

Humans are arrogant by nature, consequently we loose many things but more than anything, love. True love is like a “fairy” in our heart, that waits for the suitable words to hear and wake up.

Everyone who says that they are trying to find real love, mainly they are looking for someone to love them. However, even when someone loves you, you can’t always feel that. True love is your own feelings. When you learn how to give love, then you’ve solved every single mystery in this world.

Love is like a butterfly, if you run behind it, it will run away, and if you capture it someday it will die. On the other hand, if you stay still and wait for it, it will come to you.

Whereas, love can hurt you too and it hurts more than any wound. It hurts in a way that no painkiller or cure can treat o stop. Despite this, you can’t live without love. How long can you survive without someone besides you to hold your hand through difficulties and give you love and courage?

Through your lifetime you’ll find many people who will love you so much that they would give you anything. Those people deserve your love and company. Moreover, if you’re lucky enough you’ll find at least one person who will love you with no need of response, who’ll always be near you to protect you from evil, to wipe your tears away and hold you tight when you just want to fall. Somebody who would even take an knife for you and wound their heart they would tell you: “Doesn’t matter, it was always yours!”

There are people like this and the only thing we have to do is to open your eyes wide enough and look around us and you’ll find happiness and true love…


3 Responses to “~ love (?)”

  1. Chris Mark Says:

    I couldn’t agree more with you Emma, you seem to be amazingly mature for your age. However, working things out in an utterly complex world can be a really difficult task sometimes. Be prepared for everything that comes in your way, may that be love or anything else. Anything can happen, according to your blog title!

  2. emmaki Says:

    yeap… i think i will agree with you… I am open to anything life will bring to me… Every opportunity or every disappointment… It doesn’t matter… I’ll handle anything… Everything is welcome 😉
    However, love is something unique that we can discuss about and everybody has a different point of view so it might be interesting to hear my peers’ view on that subject!

  3. Chris Mark Says:

    Let’s hope then that your fellow students will blog about this unique, as you say, topic! Proficiency bloggers, what is your opinion?

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