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Kokkina xalia-wake me up when September ends July 27, 2009

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One Response to “Kokkina xalia-wake me up when September ends”

  1. princess-pro~not yet queen;)~ Says:

    Kokkina xalia is my favourite group!…Although I had already seen George-the lead singer- before in a music event in Athens called ‘Stavros tou notou’,I first noticed them as a group last summer when they auditioned for X-Factor…These four kids (George,Alex-the pianist,Leuteris-the drummer,and Fotis-the guitarist)are very very talented and yesterday their first cd came up called ‘Xartaetos'(=kite)I always vote for them…I hope you do too after watching this video…Enjoy them…
    P.S.Unfortunately I couldn’t remove the comments of the judges but it’s a brilliant chance to admire Eva’s Sakis once again!!See you!

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