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Angels and Demons August 3, 2009

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Angels and Demons

This book is the first book of Dan Brown I read. The majority of the people who have read both Da vinci Code and Angels and Demons prefer the second. In the book the main character is Robert Langton a professor at a university and has subject of study at history of art. It starts with a murder in a way to convince him to travel to scientific facilities to help an organization named Illuminati to help to solve the murder. The victim was a great physicist and was doing some experiments of energy. It was an attempt to create something like the big bang. It was a way to prove that God really exist bu creating life from 0. When he was murdered the assassin removed a metal material from the electrical system he was doing the research and they have 24 hours to solve the crime before the machine explodes with great power. I’m on the best part of trying to solve the crime now.
One part of the book i really like is :
The camerlengo folded his hands and said nothing for a long time. ‘The Illuminati are dead’ he finally said. ‘Long ago. That is historical fact’ Langdon nodded. ‘Yesterday, I would have agreed with you.’
‘Before today’s chain of events. I believe the Illuminati have resurfaced to make good on an ancient pact’
‘Forgive me. My history is rusty. What ancient pact is this?’
Langdon took a deep breath. ‘The destruction of Vatican city’
Destroy Vatican City?’ The camerlengo looked less frightened than confused. ‘But that would be impossible’
Vittoria shook her head. “I’m afraid we have some more bad news’

This part made me wanna read much more and unable to stop reading it to process the plot. I would love to finish it as soon as i have more free time.


2 Responses to “Angels and Demons”

  1. Chris Mark Says:

    Your book must be intriguing, good choice! I would also like you to finish it as soon as you have free time because I am curious to know how it ends! 🙂

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