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Jane Eyre August 16, 2009

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Jane_Eyre_title_pageJane Eyre

Charlotte Bronte

This book deals with the story of a girl, Jane, who has lost her parents in a really young age. As a kid, she lived with her aunt and her children in a really bad condition. She went to study in an awful school and after studying and working there as a teacher, she went to work as a governess in a big house. After some time there she fell in love with her employer and he loved her too, but he was already married to a mad woman but no one knew anything about her. His wife one night put fire on the building … After that the owner of the house, Mr. Rochester, who was the employer of Jane and the mad woman’s husband, proposed to Jane and she happily accepted the wedding proposal. However, the day the wedding took place a lawyer came and told Jane the hall truth about her lover’s wife! The very next day Jane left the house and her future husband without any food or money. She was wandering for days until she came across three nice people who ended up to be her cousins. A few days later, Jane came into a big heritance which shared with her cousins. The days passed quickly and Jane realized that she couldn’t live without her lover (who has left behind). So, one day she went back to find him, but when she arrived at the big house she only found its ruins. She didn’t give up trying and a young man told her that Mr. Rochester’s mad wife had put fire to the house and Mr. Rochester trying to save the people in the house he was left blind. That was not a problem for her because she loved him a lot. So, when she found him they got married and they lived happily ever after with their young children.


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