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holiday holiday holiday holiday… August 26, 2009

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IMG_4112</aThis IMG_4038IMG_4094IMG_4135 summer,although we were planning to go somewhere out of Crete,we went to Plakia.We had a whale of a time there…but it was reeeeally windy so we didn’t enjoy it as much as we’d like to.However, I had a great company-my cousins-with whom we were swimming,shopping and playing board games and that’s the main reason that I spent a good time there.For the first time in our holiday we were going to the beach quite late at night,too! the water was freezing but we were facing this as an unforgettable experience so we had a lot of fun!…we took some unique photos(like the ones you see) and we generally made the hotel assistant to realize that WE were wondering around the hotel as we were singing in the pool at nights until midnight although we were not supposed to do so…Fortunately nobody dared to yell at us-thank God=)What was really funny was that we created a snowman with sand but unfortunately i don’t have a photo to show you!
My future plans…well due to the fact that this year i didn’t have much spare time for holiday we didn’t go abroad…but I guess it’ll be better to go abroad for my first time next year when hopefully I’ll obtain the proficiency certificate…(hopefully!)
photos taken by bro


3 Responses to “holiday holiday holiday holiday…”

  1. evaki Says:

    the photos are super nassia !!!

  2. Chris Mark Says:

    I’d go along with Eve, great photos and description! I’m glad you all had a good time- away from school!

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