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LOGGIA… September 5, 2009

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The building I like most in Herakion is the Venetian Loggia which is  a medieval monument situated in the centre of the city. Nowadays this houses the City Council and part of the Municipality of Heraklion services departments. Loggia used to be the society for the Duke and Officers of Crete.It is decorated with uniquely sculptured statues and many trophies. For centuries the noblemen of Crete gathered there to rest, to be entertained, or to practice their formal rituals. It was also used as a government building by the Turks. On the north side of the Loggia is the Sagrendo Fountain, built in 1602. The fountain has a female figure which is assumed to represent the nymph Crete, who according to the Greek 003mythology was the mother of Pasiphae, the wife of Minos. Its passageways have their roots in the 14th century, but Lotzia took its final architecture from the early part of the 17th century. It is located in the Piazza Dei Signori. Finally it is considered to be the finest Venetian monument in Heraklion and was awarded the EUROPA NOSTRA first prize in 1987, for best renovated and preserved European monument of the year.Personally Loggia is my favourite building here in Heraklion  as it is really old and it has an unique design.In addition sometimes many teenagers use it as a meeting point, also many boys are doing brake dancing there at saturday nights…


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