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OTE tower- Thessaloniki September 6, 2009

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OTE tower is a 76 metre tall antenna tower at Thessaloniki.It is a very beautiful looking tower and it is located in the Thessaloniki international trade fair area in central Thessaloniki,which is one of the biggest regular events of its kind in Europe.The tower openend in 1966 and was totally renovated, transforming it into a modern tower, in 2005. From OTE Tower the first black and white broadcasts of the Greek State Television took place in 1966. The tower was also used in the 1970s to support the antennas of an experimental VHF analogue mobile telephone network. Today it is used by cosmote cellular mobile telephone network.It has a revolving restaurant on its top too.
The reason why I am impressed with this tower,although i have never been there, is that while you drink a coffee for a example the tower moves and you are able to see the wonderful view of Thessaloniki just from one single place.


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