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The story of Miranda Papadopoulou:P September 9, 2009

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Miranda PapadopoulouAnd it goes like this I suppose…

Once upon a time in a faraway kingdom there was a girl whose name was Miranda Papadopoulou. To be honest, she was not that pretty and she was not that talkative so nobody wanted to create a friendship with her. This was too much for her to handle so she had to make a decision of what she had to do in order to prove she’s better than anybody.
One day… walking down her kingdom’s stairs she came up with a unique idea. She would kill all her classmates! She knew that this was very cruel and she didn’t really want to hurt them that bad…the best solution she could think of was to drop a poisonous liquid in their milk at school in the morning…On October 12 she did what she was up to do. Miranda killed her classmates. All of them. No exceptions, not one. Pablo, Marisa , Daniel , Lora , Liza, Huanna , Gregory , Jason, and her ‘best friend’ Lacta.

As she had already murdered all the children in class who made her life awful all this time long .., people were afraid of Miranda. Especially her teacher Bershka, she couldn’t even look into Miranda’s eyes as she knew that something evil was hidden in there. However, she couldn’t do a single thing to avoid teaching her. That was because when she first came at this private school she was made to sign a 3 year contract so unfortunately she had no other choice. Actually she had to stay with Miranda in the same classroom for 7 hours a day.

Bershka got insane. She was being heard screaming into the wild forest every single night. Miranda had realized her teacher was not in the right mind. But she wasn’t either. What could she do then? She was thinking and thinking and thinking…all these facts running around her head… She was sure she did not mean to do what she did…But it was too late. Every night she had nightmares. She was always having the same awful dream. She was always dreaming of her classmates who were gone so unfaithfully. She was desperate. There was no hope for her to return to her not that pretty and not that talkative personality…

Luckily, Spiderman got into Miranda’s life. He was a handsome boy who was said to be saving people in danger. She fell in love with him straightaway. Spiderman, he didn’t even care whether she’s alive or dead. Who would care about a girl with such a terrible story behind who’s not neither pretty nor talkative? Nobody…Miranda ,disappointed more than ever, she thought for a moment that something about her was wrong. So, she went to a psychologist and found out she had the problem and nobody else. Realizing her previous mistakes and not wanting to repeat them, Miranda visited Fustanos who is an operator, in order to make her beautiful. Fustanos said the magic spell ” ala kantoula metsi kaboula bibinti bobinti boo” and Miranda turned into the most beautiful person inside-out that had ever existed in history!

When Spiderman saw the progress of Miranda he thought he may have judged her wrong. After all, he hadn’t even talked to her before, he wasn’t sure about her character. So, he got to know her and when he did, he fell in love with Miranda…They got married and lived together in Miranda’s faraway kingdom happily ever after…
So…the slogan of this story?
Miranda + Spiderman = L4E


2 Responses to “The story of Miranda Papadopoulou:P”

  1. Chris Mark Says:

    This is a fairytale for all grandchildren, I assure you!!! Great story! But I am under the impression I have heard all these names before…. 🙂

  2. evaki Says:

    Very moving story and it has a secret message to pass…;-)

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