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“Dancing-Drunk House” September 11, 2009

Filed under: buildings — emmaki @ 8:49 pm

Well… This is Dancing House,for those who haven’t been in Prague, others have also nicknamed it “Drunk House”. This stunning building, constructed between 1992-1996, is somewhat of a very non traditional design in Prague. It’s a modern, glass building surrounded by historic architecture. It occupies a French reastaurant and includes several multinational firms. It’s obviously stanning and very unique… The way it’s built is very admirable. Personally, i couldn’t have thought of building up such a building. It’s extraordinary amazing!


6 Responses to ““Dancing-Drunk House””

  1. evaki Says:

    Our homework was to show buildings from Greece but anyway….
    Really odd building

  2. princess-pro~not yet queen;)~ Says:

    …very nice building!…but this odd stracture makes me feel a bit insecure…!:P

  3. antoniomb4 Says:

    I really thought the shape of the building was awesome, but a bit strange. But by the size of the people in the picture they make it look big.

  4. stellamb4 Says:

    Wow that is a very unique bilding and I don’t think i have ever seen one like it. why do thay call it the drunk house.

  5. emmaki Says:

    because obivously it seems like it has been drinking all night! 😛

  6. emmaki Says:


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