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Greek Basketball September 20, 2009

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7 Responses to “Greek Basketball”

  1. princess-pro~not yet queen;)~ Says:

    Today I’m REALLY happy as we’ve just won a basketball match versus Slovenia which means that from now on we obtain the bronze medal in this year’s eurobasket!!We are all very content because we got to that level although we had some very severe absences such as Papaloukas,Vasilopoulos and Diamandidis, so new players got into our team and it was impossible for us to come first or second! In general, I feel very proud of these people as they’re promoting greek basketball in a very positive way. Watch this video and you’ll get what i mean! GREECE FOR EVER!

  2. Fiona Beal Says:

    Hello Mrs Markulaki, this is Fiona Beal here ( I am not sure if you wriote the post above – but what an exciting win! Well done. I can see that you are doing well in your blogging with a number of interesting posts. When a person starts a blog I think they are in for a treat! Have you thought of adding information about yourself in your ‘About page’ and telling us more about yourself and the other authors of your blog? My immediate thought when I opened your blog is ‘Who is Mrs Markulaki and where does she teach? I loved your ‘Laugh post’ – just gorgeous. Do you live in Greece? My 20 year-old daughter went to Greece in July in her University holidays and just loved it. Bye for now. Have a happy blogging week!

    • princess-pro~not yet queen;)~ Says:

      well very interesting suggestions…Actually I’m not Mrs Markoulaki…My name is Nasia!…Mrs Markoulaki is our teacher in english!The creators of this blog are me and my other 3 classmates.We all live in Greece but we all love both the english language and its magnificent culture!By the way,where do you come from?are you a teacher or somethig?We have a teacher in our school coming from Whales who first motivated us to create this blog.And from then on we all realized how exciting blogging is!Because of the fact that we all come from Greece,we have put some posts either like this one above or some greek songs that we think other people from all over the world would like!I promise we will take into consideration what you’ve recommended so by blogging regularly you’ll be able to see the changes!
      Best wishes!

  3. evaki Says:

    Hi Fiona I’m sorry but the link in your comment isn’t working.We followed your advice and put some things about ourselves in thne about page.I’m the author of the laugh post and thank you a lot for your nice words.I’m Eva and as Nassia said we are students from Grecce and we are studying English.

  4. Dominique Says:

    Nice blog!
    That is great that you are enthusiastic to learn English- that is how I feel about French!
    Congratulations on Greece’s win!!!!
    Please visit my blog:

  5. evaki Says:

    Ohhh Ms Christina I’m really desperate as I don’t know how to put in our bolg the widgets ou told us about…:(

  6. Hello to Ms Fiona Beal!

    Thank you for commenting on my students’ blog and urging them to write more about themselves. Here are some collections of links to some very interesting posts this class has published:

    About books they have read (look at the bottom of the post):

    About their holidays in different parts of Greece:

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