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Smoking September 29, 2009

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smokeesmokeBeing addicted to sth is such a difficult situation to deal with. There are plenty types of addictions…like being a gadget freak and being stuck in front of a computer screen…or even worse…smoking. Well, I’ll tell you what I believe although you may think it’s a bit overwhelming etc…In mY point of view, starting to smoke is a nonesense…Some people use this as an excuse ”I didn’t know what was going to happen”, or ”nobody told me anything about the consequences”…that’s rubbish!Especially nowadays, everybody is informed about the results of such a hard addiction. Nevertheless, the number of smokers is increasing day by day.Why?

Well,there are some believable reasons (to other people,not to me).What the vast majority of the population supports,is that people start this catastrophic habit being peer-pressured or because of a difficult phase they’re being through…OK…the first one is quite believable  while being immature and very young you don’t really think of the consequences of your actions.BuT..i’m not putting it down to peer pressure.And that’s because YOU choose your friends,your peers…so the fault is yours.If you were more sensible,you would probably not do what other people do just because they’re friends of yours..Besides, being a friend means that you protect your friend from being hurt.What type of friendship is this then?when your friend pushes you to smoking??

As for the ‘ getting through a difficult phase in your life’ reason…that’s pretty funny! Why to cause yourself damage being already in a difficult situation?isn’t this…pathetic?at least pathetic!…What the real reason why is though ,in my book,is the fact that some people need more attention than others.Especially at school.Youngsters usually start smoking in order to make themselves more…’popular’ or even better…’admirable’…Jesus Christ! Your personality is a series of actions you do that make you be what you are. When you smoke,what satisfaction you get from yourself?or what type of satisfaction oTherS get while seeing you smoking and receiving all this harmful smoke?

I agree,though, that there are some exceptions to the rules…For instance, if your family don’t care or is not even there to show you which is the right thing to do,then maybe yes,you are kinda excused… But again, kinD of…

Anyway…the reason why I am that resolute to the smoking thing is that I knew people that have passed away just because of this!and that’s when you really realise what you do!…the consequence?you don’t just die…you’re suffering from cancer or any type of uncurable disease,and why?because you can’t control yourself and say that whatever happens,you’re not gonna smoke…Of course,i’m not saying that whoever smokes is a bad person,or anything…no!what i’m saying is mainly adressed to non-smokers.this is probably an encouragement for not to smoke…However…YOu Choose…


8 Responses to “Smoking”

  1. evaki Says:

    OH NaSSia I see that you’re reaaaaally angry…
    Well you are right.Smoking is an addiction.It is not benefitial at all and I’m glad they banned smoking in some places.However Greeks don’t seem to odey that rule…anyway…

    • princess-pro~not yet queen;)~ Says:

      you’re right Eva…I’m glad for the new law,too…it’s a good start fighting against smoking…I’m looking forward to seeing the results ,though…

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    Hey! I completely agree with you. Smoking is one of those things that I’m 100% sure I want to stay away from. The whole issue of peer pressure and smoking has never really made sense to me. You do pick your friends, so the blame would go back to you. I have also known people to die from smoking. Thanks for writing this!

    • princess-pro~not yet queen;)~ Says:

      hey elizabeth!thanks for commenting on our article! I’m happy to know you are against smoking too!I think it’s very dramatic seeing that the number of people who die from smoking is going up all the time…and this probably shows that we don’t really learn from our mistakes…too pitty…

  3. evaki Says:

    In my book people sometimes die because of smoking as the drawbacks don’t appear quickly.Only after some years the smoker will see the effects of smoking.

    • princess-pro~not yet queen;)~ Says:

      However you can’t deny that we are all very informed about the certain effects that this action will have. but being such immature in mind…we don’t care about the future…only for the present…and it’s the same with what we do about our environment;because of the fact that the effects might not appear in the near future, we keep destroying it not taking into consideration what the next generations will be bound to face…

  4. db Says:

    I agree with your views on smoking. The choice is yours if you get hooked unto drugs and smoking. You can say no to pier pressure, and you are right, everybody choses their firends. Great blog!

  5. emmaki Says:

    Well… I totally agree with you nassia. Personally, i strongly believe that smoking is a stupid and worthless action and habit! Because that’s what smoking is…a habit! I try not to be prejudiced against smokers, however, on the other hand i know a lot of youngsters addicted to smoking and when i ask them why they answer that they think of it as a pleassure … I don’t know what kind of pleassure it is but i’m not interested in learning too… So you’ll never know until you try! So… as nassia says it’s your choise!

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