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World Teachers’ Day October 5, 2009

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Teachers' day The world teachers day represents the day of appreciating the value of education and encourage the awareness for more talented passionate and willing to educate teachers. According to the Educational International 5th of October should be celebrated. More than 100 countries have this day as the teachers’ day. This campaign aims to create a society with awereness for the role of teacher and highlight their significance. I have also an interesting story to tell.I have spent most of my time inside a classroom. There are so many memorable times but one day is always in my memory. I was completelety confused in learning an economic programme and I told my trouble to the teacher. He understood my problem and after the lesson he exlpained me in private everything in detail at his office with patience. I would always remember him as the epitome of a good and talanted teacher.


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  1. Bravo Mano, you apparently did some research! I will place the link to this post on the students’ page as well. Make sure you publish the URL address of your glog as a comment on students’ page or here so as to be easily detected. Did you inform other students about this day? Please let me know, byeee 🙂

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