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TEACHERS’ DAY!!! October 6, 2009

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teacher-degreeYesterday was the Teachers day!Teachers are a very important part of young children’s lives as they are the people who teach them how to talk, how to read and even sometimes how to behave.Moreover usually students spend more time with their teachers than with their parents.So I would like to share with you the most memorable moment I had in the class.It was when we had History lesson and a boy swore a girl because she was an immigrant from another country, then our history teacher stopped the lesson and started telling us about how harmful prejudices are and that we should be more open-minded and patient.Then after the break the boy approached the girl and said he was sorry and he had never done this before as it was the worst thing he had ever done.This teacher inspired all of us and taught as that not only history is important but also learn to respect other people,their culture and traditions.This lesson was the best lesson I’ve ever attented.


6 Responses to “TEACHERS’ DAY!!!”

  1. Nice story and picture, Eve!

  2. princess-pro~not yet queen;)~ Says:

    I totally agree with Mrs Christina!nice picture and text!!

  3. evaki Says:

    Thanks! I’m looking forward to yours Nazz!;)

  4. Chung Says:

    Hello, my name is Chung. I read your teachers day post.. about how the kid apologized. I thought that was pretty cool. I also saw the video of the cartoons, that was SO CUTE 😀
    It would be awesome if you’d leave me a comment about where you live and a little bit about yourself.

    Bye for now, Chung.

  5. fanouris Says:

    Hello my name is Fanouris. The teacher did the right thing.Of course you shouldn’t swear other people because the come from a foreign country.Instead of this you ought to encourage them discuss with them because these people don’t feel really well because they are a long distance away from their hometown.

    • princess-pro~not yet queen;)~ Says:

      well Fanouris you’re right and thank you for commenting on our blog! People from other countries should be encouraged .We mustn’t forget that they came here to find sth better…not people swearing or neglecting them!…good job Eva(again!)

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