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Edgar Allan Poe ~ 200 years October 12, 2009

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edgar-allan-poe His wierd life and his inexplicable death

Have you ever heard about Edgar Allan Poe? No? Well, i’m not impressed… Not many people know about him nowadays. I took the chance to write about him owing to the fact that this year was 200 years after his birth.
Let me tell you some basic things about him. Edgar A. Poe was a pessimistic person who wrote many literary creations and he was the one who created a new branch of literature. Edgar A. Poe was the first to write a detective novel or a puzzling and adventurous novel.
His life was bitterly simple and in his novels he wrote the things that made him feel depressed and disapointed. He was born in Boston but his parents passed away when he was really young. So he was brought up by John’s Allan family. When he was 20 years old he travelled to Scotland and London. However, he went back to the USA after he came into a fortune and he studied philology. In the year 1835 he secretely married his 13-year-old cousin who unfortunately died after 12 years.
Edgar A. Poe was addicted to alcohol and although he was thought to be different from the other poets in his time, as he was a little wierd and looney, his novels were really popular.After finishing his best novel “Εύρηκα” he wrote a letter in which he mentioned:”I have to die! after finishing “Εύρηκα” i don’t have any interest in life.” 3 months later he died.
The reason for his death is still doubtful. Some people say that alcohol caused his death, others believe that he was kidnapped and obsessed. However, a cardiologist believes that he suffered from rabies. No one really knows.
But there is still something inexplicable… A mysterious man sat by Edgar’s grave every morning, but nobody could tell who he was as he always covered his face and was dressed in black. He carried a half-empty bottle of cognac and 3 red roses everyday and left them there. He might have been a fan of Edgar, who knows?


6 Responses to “Edgar Allan Poe ~ 200 years”

  1. Actually , Poe was addicted to opium. And he suffered horribly in his later life from “consumption”, which we know today as tuberculosis, most likely the cause of his death, as little was available during his lifetime to treat it.

    I, too, am a fan of Poe.

    “For we loved, with a love, that was more than a love, I and my Annabelle Lee…”
    -From the poem, “Annabelle Lee”

  2. princess-pro~not yet queen;)~ Says:

    i’m impressed from what you both know(Emma and Gregory)…I admire and respect Edgar A.Poe but to be honest i didn’t know that much about him…

  3. BTW, Emma (I take it your name is Emma? If so, I’ve heard it is from the Teutonic meaning, “whole”; I’ve also heard my name, Gregory, is from the ancient Greek meaning, “watchful”!), I wanted to compliment you on the excellence of your English. Most accomplished. I wish I spoke Greek, or any other language than my own, as well.

    I had several friends from Greece when I was in high school, back before there was dirt. 😉 I grew to love the culture, the people, and especially the food!

    I also enjoyed your music! You can check out what I listen to at http;//

  4. Emma, I wasn’t sure about what I said about Poe, and it turned out your information was more true than mine. Good work!

    For more great info, and the opportunity to read the poem I quoted, go to:

  5. Christina Says:

    Thank you Gregory for the list of informative links and for your encouraging comments to the students!

  6. emmaki Says:

    hey everyone… i’m sorry for the fact that i answered a long time after the first comment… nassia thnx my dear and i believe that a lot of things that i know would impress you… Gregory first of all thnx for your interest… you’re very kind 🙂 and i didn’t really know many people interested in Edgar A. Poe.. It would be nice if i could get to know one of them 🙂

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