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My favourite holiday… October 23, 2009

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eiffel-tower-parisI love summer and the best thing of it is the travelling!Every summer I go on holidays to a different country for a couple of weeks.The time when I went from Italy to Scotland by bus was the most interesting and fascinating expirience.The journey lasted for twentyfive days.It was a bit tiring but I visited so many new placed and learned about other cultures that I enjoyed every minute of it.Every country I visited had unique characteristics and  was uncompairable.For example the counrtyside in Switzerland is marvellous,Paris is a place inspired from a fairytale, in London you can find whatever you want and the same goes to every single country.

The best part of it was when we visited the Madam Tussauds museum.My best friend and I took photos of ourselves together with the most famous actors ,actresses and singers.We had so much fun….

I’ve also wrote about my holidays this year in a previous ppst in our blog…


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