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ProficiEncY examinations!(leVeL C2) November 21, 2009

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Hello everybody!

This is ~princess-pro~not yet queen speaking!… We haven’t uploaded anything for quite a long time as nobody had that spare time to do so…,however today is a really special day for us, and I decided to write sth taking advantage of this!

Well, today we sat the speaking test of Michigan proficiency and we are all very satisfied from what we achieved. It was very weird at first, to be honest! I think I was the most nervous of my 3 other classmates and that’s why I’m so excited now that I know that I have made my best and that I’m slightly bound to have succeeded. We all did very well!! However sth quite strange happened.. Let me explain you…

Well in this speaking test, there are 5 parts. The first one is for personal questions(this one is considered to be the easiest among the parts).In the second part, candidates take some prompt cards and have to inform the other candidate about their cards which most of the time include iformation about which person to choose for a particular project. After giving this information,each candidate,having been given information on each other candidate’s two options, decides on which one to choose breifly. Then it’s part 3, where candidates,looking on THeIr prompt cards,have to decide  which one to choose (from their two options). In part 4, you now decide which one to choose together, from the options that have been gone for in part 3. And finally part 5… you now have to present your final choice to the examiner using formal language etc. Well,what impressed me and Eva is that the examiners skipped part 3 and went to part 4 straightaway. It doesn’t matter really, but it should be done ,shouldn’t it?…

Anyway, the thing is that we were very stressed all day long and when we saw the examiners smiling at us, we immediately felt much much better. After finishing the exam, we were so excited that we wanted to throw a party.However we shouldn’t get so enthousiastic yet,as in a week we’re sitting the gcvr part of Michigan which is considered to be a biiiit difficult. Nevertheless,looking on the bright side of  life and being as optimistic as ever, I strongly believe that after finishing next Saturday, we will get out of the building and we will be shouting “weeee diiiid iiiiit!!” (HoPeFullY)

Well OK, I wrote quite too much, I wish good luck to students who haven’t sat their exams yet,and good luck as far as the results are concerned also to the ones like us,who have already sat the speaking  test:)

Well, as I’m STILL very excited, I’m saying ” goodbye” and I’m going to go for a walk!

Thanks for your try to read this long and almost illegible post:P 😛

Best wishes,

Nasia/~princess-pro~not yet queen;)


3 Responses to “ProficiEncY examinations!(leVeL C2)”

  1. evaki Says:

    nassia we were the best we didn’t have to de so stressed after all…moreover we should throw a party !!however you didn’t mention that we wearing the same t-shirt

    • princess-pro~not yet queen;)~ Says:

      “you have a point there”, “I couldn’t agree more with you” eeetc eeetc!! Well No, i didn’t mention it …I forgot it:)Well…..

      Today me and Eva,in order to show off (in a good way)to the examiners,we were wearing the same T-Shirt…But next time we’ll wear the other one,because it was too hot today!!

  2. You were right, Nasia, to report that the standard procedure was not followed and, let me answer your question, this should NOT have happened! The administrators of this examination should take this post into serious consideration.

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