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The Secret Life of Bees February 22, 2010

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Set in California in 1963, The Secret Life of Bees tells the story of 14 year-old Lily Owens who is in search of her mother’s past. Uncertain and depressed by her daily life style, Lily looks to the bees that visit her room for comfort. Things take a turn for the worse when Lily’s black “stand-in mother,” Rosaleen, heads into town one day to exercise her newly-acquired ability to register to vote. Encountering a group of rowdy white men, Rosaleen pours the juice of her snuff onto the shoes of a white man and then refuses to apologize. Rosaleen is beaten and jailed along with Lily. Lily’s father, T-Ray, bails out Lily, but leaves Rosaleen even though she has given him at least 10 years of housekeeping and nanny duties. Outraged, Lily ends up breaking Rosaleen out of a hospital. She decides their destination is Tiburon, South Carolina because she found a small, wooden plaque with an image of a black Virgin Mary pasted on it, and the words “Tiburon, SC” carved on the back in her mother’s belongings.
In Tiburon, Lily sees the same Black Madonna adorning a bottle of honey at a diner. She and Rosaleen go to find the woman who makes it, August Boatwright, who lives with her sisters: May, who is a bit light-headed and traumatized about the death of her twin sister April. There is also June, who is an ardent feminist. They had the names of the calendar because their mother enjoyed spring time.

I don’t relly cry during movies but with this i cried till the end.. It is a movie that really passes messages and i really suggest it if you are not busy enough to watch it 😛



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nassia im really sorry that you had to control this blog by yourself all this time although we made it all together.. so i would like to post some things in order to help you..


Teacher’s day October 12, 2009

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teacher-day-bookA day in the class that i’ll never forget was one two years ago. It was a usual school day and our first lesson was chemistry. Our teacher thought that going to the chemistry lab was an interesting way for the day to start. As we went to the lab everybody was still asleep and our teacher couldn’t really cooperate with us. When he gave out the lab equipment everybody woke up and started to play with them. After a while a weird smell sread into the air and we actually realised that somebody’s pot was on fire… Everyone run out of the class and followed the teacher. The next day we did a really good job as we had already learnt which chemicals not to use with fire… It was not really a day that we had our best learning experience but it was the best day that we had in class!


Edgar Allan Poe ~ 200 years

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edgar-allan-poe His wierd life and his inexplicable death

Have you ever heard about Edgar Allan Poe? No? Well, i’m not impressed… Not many people know about him nowadays. I took the chance to write about him owing to the fact that this year was 200 years after his birth.
Let me tell you some basic things about him. Edgar A. Poe was a pessimistic person who wrote many literary creations and he was the one who created a new branch of literature. Edgar A. Poe was the first to write a detective novel or a puzzling and adventurous novel.
His life was bitterly simple and in his novels he wrote the things that made him feel depressed and disapointed. He was born in Boston but his parents passed away when he was really young. So he was brought up by John’s Allan family. When he was 20 years old he travelled to Scotland and London. However, he went back to the USA after he came into a fortune and he studied philology. In the year 1835 he secretely married his 13-year-old cousin who unfortunately died after 12 years.
Edgar A. Poe was addicted to alcohol and although he was thought to be different from the other poets in his time, as he was a little wierd and looney, his novels were really popular.After finishing his best novel “Εύρηκα” he wrote a letter in which he mentioned:”I have to die! after finishing “Εύρηκα” i don’t have any interest in life.” 3 months later he died.
The reason for his death is still doubtful. Some people say that alcohol caused his death, others believe that he was kidnapped and obsessed. However, a cardiologist believes that he suffered from rabies. No one really knows.
But there is still something inexplicable… A mysterious man sat by Edgar’s grave every morning, but nobody could tell who he was as he always covered his face and was dressed in black. He carried a half-empty bottle of cognac and 3 red roses everyday and left them there. He might have been a fan of Edgar, who knows?


“Dancing-Drunk House” September 11, 2009

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Well… This is Dancing House,for those who haven’t been in Prague, others have also nicknamed it “Drunk House”. This stunning building, constructed between 1992-1996, is somewhat of a very non traditional design in Prague. It’s a modern, glass building surrounded by historic architecture. It occupies a French reastaurant and includes several multinational firms. It’s obviously stanning and very unique… The way it’s built is very admirable. Personally, i couldn’t have thought of building up such a building. It’s extraordinary amazing!


August 25, 2009

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Well… this is basically the place i live during summer time since i was born… On the one hand, it’s attractive and very relaxing especially in hot days, when you can go to the beach… There are some more isolated areas where you can really enjoy yourself with your friends or even alone… moreover there are many nightclubs where you can spend some time or better MANY hours there and have the time of your life… On the other hand, there aren’t many facilities around here and it’s really boring when you don’t have company. Having no transport to go to Heraklion really brings you to a desperate situation… So… i would really suggest a weekend to agia pelagia if you’ve never been there before… 🙂


Jane Eyre August 16, 2009

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Jane_Eyre_title_pageJane Eyre

Charlotte Bronte

This book deals with the story of a girl, Jane, who has lost her parents in a really young age. As a kid, she lived with her aunt and her children in a really bad condition. She went to study in an awful school and after studying and working there as a teacher, she went to work as a governess in a big house. After some time there she fell in love with her employer and he loved her too, but he was already married to a mad woman but no one knew anything about her. His wife one night put fire on the building … After that the owner of the house, Mr. Rochester, who was the employer of Jane and the mad woman’s husband, proposed to Jane and she happily accepted the wedding proposal. However, the day the wedding took place a lawyer came and told Jane the hall truth about her lover’s wife! The very next day Jane left the house and her future husband without any food or money. She was wandering for days until she came across three nice people who ended up to be her cousins. A few days later, Jane came into a big heritance which shared with her cousins. The days passed quickly and Jane realized that she couldn’t live without her lover (who has left behind). So, one day she went back to find him, but when she arrived at the big house she only found its ruins. She didn’t give up trying and a young man told her that Mr. Rochester’s mad wife had put fire to the house and Mr. Rochester trying to save the people in the house he was left blind. That was not a problem for her because she loved him a lot. So, when she found him they got married and they lived happily ever after with their young children.