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Yann Tiersen – Sur le fil March 25, 2010

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you know me-Robbie Williams January 8, 2010

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sth you don’t see every day… December 17, 2009

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This guy is pretty talented although he may look a bit odd! He’s brilliant!


Keep walking! December 10, 2009

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this is one of my favourite ads…The message it passes is magnificent. Keep walking whatever happens!


Stress November 27, 2009

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Nowadays, we are all concerned that everything in our lives is becoming more and more demanding all the time. The result? We get stressed and anxious, and worried.Unforetunately, it is a fact that the vast majority of people around the world,suffer from stress sometime in their life. The question is… is there any way to deal with stress?

Personally speaking, no there isn’t. If it were a way to deal with it,then there would be a way to prevent it from happening to you,wouldn’t be? I know it’s difficult for most of the people to agree with this opinion, however, I’ve thought about it a lot and I’ve reached the conclusion that stress is like an addiction; it’s almost impossible to find an effective way to face up to this! The reason for my saying this is that I’ve found myself being anxious many times in the past, so i’ve felt what it’s like facing such a situation.

The type of stress about which i’m talking is the one we all feel on examinations’ day. Then, what do we do? Nothing really but wait. Some people believe  that eating a chocolate for example relaxes you. I’m afraid I disagree. It’s the idea that chocolate relaxes you which does really relax you.The thing I’m trying to make clear is that feeling stress in my view is one of the most normal feelings. Somebody would be insensitive if they wouldn’t feel  anxious at all when they sit an  important exam.

I know that stress shortens our lives as we overlook significant things about us just because we’re stressed all the time. I’ m of the opinion that sometimes it helps us,not in the way most of us tend to believe-that its makes us do even better in exams-…in a different way. Take me for example. Last Saturday, we were sitting for the speaking test of Michigan proficiency,and to be honest, I was so nervous that I was  afraid even to walk into the examiner’s room. Nevertheless, after leaving the room, I was feeling so relieved and excited that I’m sure I’ll remember this day as one of the most strong moments of my life. That’s what I’m talking about. Stress sometimes makes us live some very unique feelings. Anticipation, enthousiasm,and even depression.

On the other hand, I strongly believe that we shouldn’t get stressed at all.But, who am I to tell you not to feel stressed? And will you listen to me or just by the idea that you have to relax,you feel even more anxious?… Well,think about these things I’ve just mentioned. How many times you’ve been asked to chill out, when the only thing you want is to pass an exam?…I know that many people claim that feeling stressed for such unimportant things like exams is rediculous. And even some students see it this way. It depends on our character. Some of us become stressed more easily than others.

On the whole, what I’m aiming at by writing this article, is to urge each and every one of you to consider more carefully the next time you’re going to tell sb<relax>… It’s not as easy as it seems.

(I wrote the article above taking advantage of tomorrow which is an examinations’ day for us!So …I WISH US ALL GOOD LUCK!!)


LemOn TrEe! November 21, 2009

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Well…although dear Eva has already put this music video,however this is another form of it! This song means a lot to us! It encourages us:) soooo, here it goes!!


ProficiEncY examinations!(leVeL C2)

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Hello everybody!

This is ~princess-pro~not yet queen speaking!… We haven’t uploaded anything for quite a long time as nobody had that spare time to do so…,however today is a really special day for us, and I decided to write sth taking advantage of this!

Well, today we sat the speaking test of Michigan proficiency and we are all very satisfied from what we achieved. It was very weird at first, to be honest! I think I was the most nervous of my 3 other classmates and that’s why I’m so excited now that I know that I have made my best and that I’m slightly bound to have succeeded. We all did very well!! However sth quite strange happened.. Let me explain you…

Well in this speaking test, there are 5 parts. The first one is for personal questions(this one is considered to be the easiest among the parts).In the second part, candidates take some prompt cards and have to inform the other candidate about their cards which most of the time include iformation about which person to choose for a particular project. After giving this information,each candidate,having been given information on each other candidate’s two options, decides on which one to choose breifly. Then it’s part 3, where candidates,looking on THeIr prompt cards,have to decide  which one to choose (from their two options). In part 4, you now decide which one to choose together, from the options that have been gone for in part 3. And finally part 5… you now have to present your final choice to the examiner using formal language etc. Well,what impressed me and Eva is that the examiners skipped part 3 and went to part 4 straightaway. It doesn’t matter really, but it should be done ,shouldn’t it?…

Anyway, the thing is that we were very stressed all day long and when we saw the examiners smiling at us, we immediately felt much much better. After finishing the exam, we were so excited that we wanted to throw a party.However we shouldn’t get so enthousiastic yet,as in a week we’re sitting the gcvr part of Michigan which is considered to be a biiiit difficult. Nevertheless,looking on the bright side of  life and being as optimistic as ever, I strongly believe that after finishing next Saturday, we will get out of the building and we will be shouting “weeee diiiid iiiiit!!” (HoPeFullY)

Well OK, I wrote quite too much, I wish good luck to students who haven’t sat their exams yet,and good luck as far as the results are concerned also to the ones like us,who have already sat the speaking  test:)

Well, as I’m STILL very excited, I’m saying ” goodbye” and I’m going to go for a walk!

Thanks for your try to read this long and almost illegible post:P 😛

Best wishes,

Nasia/~princess-pro~not yet queen;)